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Friday, January 15, 2016


Well, well, well.

So now we find that Trump did not have two American citizens as parents.  Neither did Ted Cruz.  And that makes the only difference to be where each was born.  Trump, I assume, was born within the boundaries of the continental United States.  Cruz was born in Canada.

By virtue of the various statutes spinning off the U. S. Constitution, both are fully qualified to be President.

As I understand it, the requirement is that the candidate be a "natural-born citizen of the U. S."   U. S. law has always interpreted that as being born within the United States, its territories or possessions, or, being the child of a U. S. citizen but born outside those limits.  (But I have always wondered how all those president's born before 1789 managed to avoid that part of the Constitution.  I assume that it was understood at the time that as they were born within what became the US that that would suffice.  Otherwise the first  "natural-born citizen of the US" would not have been eligible for election until 1824.)

And, anyway, what difference does it make?  If either of them were eligible to become U. S. Senators and sit and make laws for the US, that is good enough for me. 

Now, Ted Cruz is not my first choice for the Republican candidate.  Neither is Trump.  And I have also eliminated Santorum, Paul, Huckabee, Bush, Carson and Fiorina.  Still standing for the top slot are Kasich, Rubio, and that guy from New Jersey.  However, Cruz and Fiorino stand high for the second slot on the ticket, as do Kasich, Rubio and that guy from New Jersey, plus Ben Carson.

I have my own reasons for inclusion and exclusion, but one of the primary ones for exclusion is a constant attacking of other candidates, whether a Republican or Democrat or Socialist candidate.  And two of the primary ones for inclusion are being a social moderate and  a strong fiscal conservative.

I also expect a candidate to be forthcoming as far as his/her intentions regarding tax issues, spending, the military, America's place in world politics, etc.  But I do not really expect any of them to have opinions that coincide with mine, for I am somewhat radical in my beliefs, and a real radical cannot be elected if they are in the Republican party.

And I will not vote for a socialist or a liar.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Wow!  Only four days until 2016!

How did 2015 go by so fast?  Hardly seems like last winter was over and here we go again.  The seventy degree days recently were nice, but may presage the oncoming of the cold from last winter.  Remember?  It got cold and wet and icy really early last year.

We aren't out of the woods yet, for the thermometer is dropping and the ice and snow are just to the north again, just waiting to drop down on us.  Brrr.

We had a Mitsubishi heating and cooling system installed last month.  Cost a goodly sum but we have had had a chance to try out both the heating and cooling and both work fine.  Sure beats having those space heaters going.  The effect on our utility bill cannot as yet be calculated due to the unusual weather we have experienced since the installation.  But, whatever it may be, the evenness of the temperature in the house makes it worthwhile.

Christmas was nice.  We had both kids and their families with us.  Ham and turkey and all the trimmings - we gave away most of it to the tribe and the balance is just about gone.  Time to get a small corned beef cut and some cabbage and black-eyed peas for New Years Day.

I picked up a vcr/dvd player recorder a few days before Christmas and had my son install it for me (I can't understand all those doggoned wires).  So I started watching some of my collection of Marshall football games again.  It was good to see Kresser, Payton and Pennington but even more the defenses those teams had.  My collection is basically 1995 through 2003.  Back in the glory days.

I got the unit because I have a great number of video tapes and want to convert them to dvd.  I have looked for the past year and a half for a vhs player and this is the first I've been able to find.  That was enough to scare me into thinking I'd better get some sort of system that would enable me to preserve them onto dvd.

And its not just the game tapes.  I also have about seventy or eighty other tapes (a lot of bluegrass musicians and history programs, special programs I never expect to find on tv again) that I like to watch, especially the bluegrass music from many artists that made it big or made it not at all.

So as long as I have electric power I'm pretty well set.

And I can too write without addressing politics, see!!  Except for that ever-decreasing number.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I wondered how long it would take.

Not the actual deeds , but the threats.

Massacres are occurring, seemingly weekly.  Mostly in colleges, but occasionally in high schools, rarely in elementary/middle schools.

But the copycat threats are appearing with regularity in middle schools now.  Or on what is called "social media" involving middle schools.And that is mysterious to me.  Why would ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen year old kids have access to "social media"?  Especially when practically every "social media" outlet has rules that prohibit these ages from posting, reading or in any way participating.

Oh, now I get it.  Parents.  Parents who are too gutless to restrict their children.

Now it begins to make sense.

Since parents cannot deny themselves, they just can't bring themselves to deny their children access.

I was watching football games over the weekend and was not really keeping count, but I would hazard a guess that among the 'fans' at the games, fully 90% had their cell phones, etc., on and were watching them much more than the games.


They could have saved themselves about forty/fifty dollars per seat, stayed home  in an easy chair and done the same  thing they were doing in the stadium, without all those darned people disturbing them.

But they just cannot deny themselves.

I do not own a cell phone.  I do not own a tablet.  I do have wifi, only because it came with my ISP's package - but have never used it.  I do not own all the other doo-dads that modern day parents seem to think are absolute musts for themselves and their children.  I make do with a big old desk computer and a land line telephone.  Never have a problem with dropped calls, except those that people with cell phones make to my house.  Almost every time we get a cell phone call, the caller has to recall due to a dropped line or some other defugalty derived from the cell phone.

I have never been guilty of distracted driving due to a cell phone, etc.  And I will protest long and loud if I ever hear of some snot-nosed kid trying to take away my land line, just because they don't think it is worthwhile.  As far as I am concerned, the break-up of the old AT&T was the single worst decision the FCC has ever made.

Der Komrade


Polls, polls and more polls.

I've been entertained today by the MSM.

People asking why Clinton is being shucked by so many potential voters.

And the MSM failing to supply the correct answers (if they give any answer at all.)

And of course, why is there  going to be a debate among the Democrat candidates.
You will note that I use the term Democrat, instead of the MSM characterization that assumes the name of the party is the National Democratic Party - when it is NOT.   And it has become almost standard for the conservative media to use the same term.

I have yet to see many Democrats who are democratic.  Instead, most recently, they are purely Socialist.  You do not have to have a name like Bernie Sanders to be a Socialist.  For Hillary Clinton has moved so far beyond Sanders to the left.  So much so that she makes Bernie look like a left of center Republican.  So much so that, were I voting in the Democrat primary, I would vote for Bernie.

Oh, the debate.  Sorry, I digressed.

Let's see, there's Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, and a couple more losers that I can't remember right now.  But that makes no difference, Clinton will be in prison, during her first term, if she is elected, Sanders doesn't have the chance of a snowball in you know where, and O'Malley?  Who in the heck is he?  I never heard of the rascal until the campaign started, so there is really nothing to debate.  BUT, the debate is being carried LIVE AND IN COLOR by CNN!!!!!

Clinton lost ten points in the last ten days.  By the end of November, she will be below zero if the trend continues.  But her campaign is already out there with an explanation of why she is really going to be ahead after losing New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada.  Because, they say, she has 84% of the black voter in South Carolina, and will retain all the black vote that Obama reaped in 2008 and 2012.  They fail to mention that women do not like her, white men do not like her, and by golly, you cannot win the presidency with the minority votes only.

No one is interested in what either Clinton or Sanders has to say, except those who want it all given to them at the expense of the rest of us.  Both want us to pay 100% of education related cost from pre-kindergarten through PhD.  Neither of them has come up with a plan to pay for all this, but we must have it , don't you know?  After all, what's another trillion or two that we borrow from China?  And you millionaires down to less than half-millionaires, get ready, your tax rate will be at 90% again, just like under Bill Clinton.

How much money do you have in your pocket right now?


Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

The above is the way I remember the quote from Barry Goldwater addressing the Republican National Convention at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1964.

And, quoting the Chad Mitchell Trio, "Barry, Barry,
                                                          Make your bid.
                                                          I love John Birch,
                                                          But, oh, you kid!"

I'm so sick and tired of all the Republican candidates and all the Democrat candidates and all the Independent candidates (oh, yes there are--two as a matter of fact, Sanders and Trump) not even dancing around the defense of liberty and the pursuit of justice.  None of them have the plain old guts to do what needs to be done to restore this country to it's high estate in the world's consciousness.

As for the current front-runners, on the one hand we have a crook who may well be in prison before her first term would be over and on the other we have a guy whose braggadocio is unbelievable--just as his methods are for accomplishing anything.  As for the others it's like a thousand monkeys on a limb farting and then telling you how sweet smelling it is, while you are puking your guts out and the puke smells better, believe me.

God, where is Harry Truman when you need him?  Where is Teddy Roosevelt with his big stick?  Even, where is JFK with his plagiarized comment about asking America or doing it yourself?

All I can see right now is twenty-two (at latest count) Nero's out there.


I'll let you figure that out.

So they've done it again.  Three guys killed another cop.  This time in Illinois.

After Deputy Goforth's killing the other day in Cypress, TX.

After the 'Black Lives Matter' group in Minnesota pranced down the street shouting, "Pigs in a blanket.  Fry 'em like bacon."

And our supposed leader has been strangely (sure!) quiet about the recent rash of blacks killing policemen.

But you can bet your sweet ass that if a white policeman killed a black man, he'd be on it like a duck on a junebug. 

Hell, he even insults the Jewish faith by never yet mentioning Kate Steinle (I think that was her name.).

All he has to say on such matters is that we need to ban every gun.

And just to think, the gutless wonders in this country re-elected him.


Yes.  I believe in the Bill of Rights, all ten of the amendments making it up are vital to our representative democracy.  I may have a few reservations about some of the other amendments, but the first ten are solid rocks.

That is not to say that I approve of handguns. Or assault rifles.  Or any other device whose sole purpose is to kill human beings.  But rifles and shotguns for game hunting only, I heartily approve.  Any other use is a corruption of the intent of such hardware, and should be grounds for confiscation.  I did NOT say control, I said and mean, CONFISCATION!

Why would any law abiding citizen desire to own an assault rifle?  Or a Glock.?  Or any gun which can shoot more than three bullets in a row?

A seven shot clip is too  much for any kind of game hunting.  A fifteen shot clip is ridiculous unless the game you are hunting is two legged.

There is no sport in trap shooting.  Can you eat a skeet?

Oh, and to complete the package, I also do not approve of the death penalty under any circumstances.  Nor do I believe in the modern day 'Correctional facilities".  Use 'em as penitentiaries in the original sense, a place of punishment.  I disapprove of any and all attempts by any and all governmental units to rehabilitate drunks and dope addicts.  If they want to chew, inject, snort, smoke, whatever their method of getting 'high,'  by God, let 'em.  Let 'em die for their efforts. I have no sympathy for them at all.

Just as I have no sympathy for those wannabes that elected our current excuse for a man to pretend to be president.

Have I gotten you riled up yet?

Well, that's a shame, 'cause I haven't even gotten wound up yet.

Stick around and see.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I have only the report from someone I hold dear, but this is what I understand right now.

The Baltimore City/County police stopped a black man after making eye contact with him.
Conclusion:  sounds like profiling to me.

For some reason, there ensued a scuffle and the black man was injured seriously.
Conclusion:  sounds like the cowboy was coming out in the police.

A police officer in the van called  police dispatch twice and then called the emt's.
Conclusion:  Something wrong there, call the emt's first and then call the police dispatch.

Somehow the black man's spinal cord was severed/back was broken/neck was broken? and he died.
Conclusion:  These cowboys will never learn and, just like Ferguson, New York, Oakland, Florida, Tulsa, and on and on, there will now be riots in Baltimore.

Holy jumpin' Jesus H. Christ almighty, goddamn!!!

I'm now to the point of saying that all policemen should have their guns removed, taser's taken away, get all of them out of their cars and back on their feet, and FIRE their asses if they even look cross-eyed at someone, anyone  unless there is immediate visible provable recorded proof of any infraction.

I don't trust a damned one of them.

Countdown 2




Friday, April 10, 2015

Here we go again No. 2

California desert.  Ten on one.

Put all ten in jail.

Fire all ten.

Surely the country has to put an end to such stupidity..

Let's hope sooner.

These damned cowboys need to understand that the world is full of cameras.

And everyone wants to get their scoop on tv.

You know, it happened long before Rodney King was ever heard of.

And it continues.

Wise up police and politicians.



Thursday, April 09, 2015

We The People---

That last post brings me to another anomaly I find in these situations.  I often wonder why the black community does not get more involved in local politics and local police departments.

Here in Huntington, there are only a very few, maybe one or two, blacks on the police force, and maybe one or two on the City Council.  Admittedly, the local population of blacks, minus the imports from Detroit, make up only eight to twelve percent of the population, so those figures are fairly representative on City Council, but the police department should have at least ten or fifteen black officers.

Everybody, both black and white, seems to want equality in all things.  So do I.  And having a stake in what happens in the community is the responsibility of EVERY citizen.  And certainly, the idea of proportional representation at all levels of government is  something much to be desired.

But I do not see that happening, either here in Huntington, or anywhere across the country.

Certainly there are many more than ten or twelve black men and women in the city who could pass the tests to become police officers.

And the same holds true all over the country, in every city and every state.  Yet the black community simply does not apply for such positions.  But loves to scream at the merest hint that something may have gone amiss.

I admit that I am mystified by this apathy.

It seem to me that those who fail to be involved in their communities must shoulder the bulk of any blame which may attend.  Failure to register to vote, failure to attend council meetings, failure to maintain a society which abhors the drug trade, failure of parents to train their children to know that the first thing you do when a police officer tells you to do something is to do what the officer says.  There is time for legal actions later, but to run when a police officer tells you to stop is one of the surest ways of getting killed.

But the apathy continues unabated until someone else's  ox is gored and then the screams are unending - until the next time it happens - and it will.  Inevitably.  And that is tragic.

Here We Go Again

Well, we got another one going, down South Carolina way this time.

White cop, black shot.

Like most people, I was appalled when I saw the first video of this occurrence.

And then, the more I thought, the more I said to myself, "There has to be more than what the MSM is showing here.

And there was.

The guy who took the video on his phone was interviewed and, during the interview said that there had been a scuffle before the incident between the two and they had been on the ground.  No transition was given, but then the video.

So, who knows, other than the shooter, just did actually occur?  I sure don't, and I doubt that anyone else does.

So let the local and state investigations proceed - first, the local, and if they need help, call in the state.

But WHY must the FBI and the DOJ insert their noses into what is strictly a local incident?  Answer is easy - Eric Holder.

Holder has a vendetta going against all white policemen.  Has had since becoming AG and will have until he leaves that post - and probably afterwards.


Today is Thursday, April 9, 2015.

And it is a great day.

Only 652 more of them and we can breathe a little easier.

If I counted right, anyhow.

21 more in April, 31 in May, 30 in June totals 82.
July, August, September equals another          92
October, November, December adds             92

And that totals                                              266

Plus all of 2016                                             366

And then 2017                                                20

Makes                                                           652.

And goodbye,  MUTT!