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Monday, April 20, 2015


I have only the report from someone I hold dear, but this is what I understand right now.

The Baltimore City/County police stopped a black man after making eye contact with him.
Conclusion:  sounds like profiling to me.

For some reason, there ensued a scuffle and the black man was injured seriously.
Conclusion:  sounds like the cowboy was coming out in the police.

A police officer in the van called  police dispatch twice and then called the emt's.
Conclusion:  Something wrong there, call the emt's first and then call the police dispatch.

Somehow the black man's spinal cord was severed/back was broken/neck was broken? and he died.
Conclusion:  These cowboys will never learn and, just like Ferguson, New York, Oakland, Florida, Tulsa, and on and on, there will now be riots in Baltimore.

Holy jumpin' Jesus H. Christ almighty, goddamn!!!

I'm now to the point of saying that all policemen should have their guns removed, taser's taken away, get all of them out of their cars and back on their feet, and FIRE their asses if they even look cross-eyed at someone, anyone  unless there is immediate visible provable recorded proof of any infraction.

I don't trust a damned one of them.

Countdown 2




Friday, April 10, 2015

Here we go again No. 2

California desert.  Ten on one.

Put all ten in jail.

Fire all ten.

Surely the country has to put an end to such stupidity..

Let's hope sooner.

These damned cowboys need to understand that the world is full of cameras.

And everyone wants to get their scoop on tv.

You know, it happened long before Rodney King was ever heard of.

And it continues.

Wise up police and politicians.



Thursday, April 09, 2015

We The People---

That last post brings me to another anomaly I find in these situations.  I often wonder why the black community does not get more involved in local politics and local police departments.

Here in Huntington, there are only a very few, maybe one or two, blacks on the police force, and maybe one or two on the City Council.  Admittedly, the local population of blacks, minus the imports from Detroit, make up only eight to twelve percent of the population, so those figures are fairly representative on City Council, but the police department should have at least ten or fifteen black officers.

Everybody, both black and white, seems to want equality in all things.  So do I.  And having a stake in what happens in the community is the responsibility of EVERY citizen.  And certainly, the idea of proportional representation at all levels of government is  something much to be desired.

But I do not see that happening, either here in Huntington, or anywhere across the country.

Certainly there are many more than ten or twelve black men and women in the city who could pass the tests to become police officers.

And the same holds true all over the country, in every city and every state.  Yet the black community simply does not apply for such positions.  But loves to scream at the merest hint that something may have gone amiss.

I admit that I am mystified by this apathy.

It seem to me that those who fail to be involved in their communities must shoulder the bulk of any blame which may attend.  Failure to register to vote, failure to attend council meetings, failure to maintain a society which abhors the drug trade, failure of parents to train their children to know that the first thing you do when a police officer tells you to do something is to do what the officer says.  There is time for legal actions later, but to run when a police officer tells you to stop is one of the surest ways of getting killed.

But the apathy continues unabated until someone else's  ox is gored and then the screams are unending - until the next time it happens - and it will.  Inevitably.  And that is tragic.

Here We Go Again

Well, we got another one going, down South Carolina way this time.

White cop, black shot.

Like most people, I was appalled when I saw the first video of this occurrence.

And then, the more I thought, the more I said to myself, "There has to be more than what the MSM is showing here.

And there was.

The guy who took the video on his phone was interviewed and, during the interview said that there had been a scuffle before the incident between the two and they had been on the ground.  No transition was given, but then the video.

So, who knows, other than the shooter, just did actually occur?  I sure don't, and I doubt that anyone else does.

So let the local and state investigations proceed - first, the local, and if they need help, call in the state.

But WHY must the FBI and the DOJ insert their noses into what is strictly a local incident?  Answer is easy - Eric Holder.

Holder has a vendetta going against all white policemen.  Has had since becoming AG and will have until he leaves that post - and probably afterwards.


Today is Thursday, April 9, 2015.

And it is a great day.

Only 652 more of them and we can breathe a little easier.

If I counted right, anyhow.

21 more in April, 31 in May, 30 in June totals 82.
July, August, September equals another          92
October, November, December adds             92

And that totals                                              266

Plus all of 2016                                             366

And then 2017                                                20

Makes                                                           652.

And goodbye,  MUTT!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The other day one of the cable news channels talking heads asked, "What is the single worst thing you have personally observed a driver doing behind the wheel?"

Wow, does that ever open up the window of opportunity.  It is really difficult to narrow it down to just one thing.  Drinking scalding hot coffee?  Putting on make-up?  Brushing hair?  Texting?  Talking on the cell phone?  Reaching over to retrieve a cell phone, pack of cigarettes, whatever?  Huh?  What? 

No.  None of the above.  All are bad.  All are just plain stupid.  But not the worst.

No.  The very worst I have ever seen was the guy driving  on I-64 reading, yes, reading a newspaper.  He had it propped up on the steering wheel and was reading.  I couldn't believe it.  This happened about fifteen or twenty years ago. He was traveling below  the speed limit, wandering all over the road, and seemed totally oblivious to the fact that there were probably thirty or forty vehicles behind him, afraid to try to pass him, or just fearing that he was, sooner or later, going to hit the median or the berm of the road, lose control (What, did he have it under control anyway?) and harm himself or someone else.  Stupid.

One day a few years ago, I was in a funeral procession and was approaching Farmdale Road on Route 60, eastbound to White Chapel.  The procession was tightly bunched, in the center lane and had started under the light.  I glance over into the right lane and here was a SWT, business type, sucking on a cigarette, drinking a cup of something, and talking on her cell phone.  Without a signal, she pulled right in front of me, forcing me to stop, as she did, abruptly, when she realized that the light was red.  Normally, I just let it go with a loud scream in such situations.  But this time I just couldn't believe that anyone would be so crasss as to stop a funeral procession.

So I shut the engine off, got out and approached her window.  It took a moment to get her attention, but finally she rolled it down, and asked so sweetly, "What?"  I proceeded to enlighten her about the dangers of driving distractedly and then mentioned that she had was in the center of a funeral procession.  No apology, no nothing, except rolling rolling the window back up.  Airhead. Stupid.

You can't fix stupid.  Ignorance can be educated, but stupid cannot.

With all the advertising devoted to distracted driving, there is not one single driver out there who has not heard the news, it is stupid, and against the law to do so, but they still do it.  People honk at me all the time because I will not proceed from a red light into the intersection until I have looked to make sure no vehicle is going to run the red light.  So, let 'em honk.



Boy, what a hornet's nest.

They could have called it anything else except that.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Those who know me know that I do not get too excited about the normally stupid acts, or proposed acts, of our various state legislators.  There are some times right here in West Virginia that the Legislature does stupid things, and I rail about specific ones, but on the whole, the states have given over their powers of legislating to the federal government, long ago.

Rarely do state legislators catch the passing flame of reality and actually act upon that torch.  But this time they have caught a real barn-burner of a topic. But they did not stop to think about what public reaction to the title of the bills would be.

Back about six years ago, the population of the US began changing it's mind about [NO!  You will not catch me using the term 'gay' to describe homosexuals.] the seemingly unstoppable rise in homosexuality and lesbianism in this country.  And we are now faced with the fact that more people accept homosexuality and lesbianism as normal.  And they are a vocal group - not those who passively agree, but the practicioners.

Now, as a matter of actual fact, none of the bills that are proposed or have passed in the states mention homosexuality or lesbianism, bi-sexuality or transgenderism (whatever in hell that is).  And why the last two are even grouped with the first two is beyond my ken.

But the loud talkers of that section of society have grabbed on like a dog on a bone, and have tried to make the subject just that, an attack upon their 'rights'.

I don't really give a ruby red rats ass what they do behind the door of their bedrooms, whether heterosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual, lesbian or whatever.  But I DO care how they tend to attempt to shut down my core religious beliefs, and try to make me believe that their life style must be approved by every member of society, in order to be fair to them. 

They want to holler about the 'rights of the minority'.

So let's take a look at the rights of the minority, from a different perspective than what most people think of when minorities are discussed.

In this country we have three major political groups, Democrat party adherents, Republican party adherents and Independents.  Which is the largest?  Which the smallest?  Of course, the Independents are the smaller of the three, but I don't hear a great deal about the fact that they have negligible representation in the Congress or state legislatures.  And it isn't because they are not vocal, it is just that they are entitled to all the protections of the laws that every other citizen is.  So with the odd-sexual practices group members.  National and state and county and city laws DO protect every single one of them.

But they do not want the equal protections afforded everyone, they want SPECIAL protections, designed  to give them that extra protection that other minorities and all other citizens are not entitled to have.

"It's the same old tune, it's the man in the moon," as Willie Nelson sang.  Every minority group, at one time or the other demands the same old thing, demands that pie in the sky.

And not a single one of them deserves it, and, in the end, in our democracy, not a one of them gets to keep it even when granted by one government, because here will come a change in administrations, and a change in priorities and there goes the extra protections granted.

So, let 'em holler and stomp their feet.  It aint gonna get 'em what they want. 

And the religious people of the land will keep believing the way they always have.

And I still believe that every business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone - and does not need to explain why to anyone.  Think about it the next time you see that "No shoes, no shirt, no service" sign.

Computer Update

My last post, back in August of last year, bemoaned the fact that my computer was extremely slow when on the net, when I could actually get on it.  Good news - that has all changed,

I finally got ticked off enough to change ISP's, and what a change.  My old 56k modem is back in the box and now  it is  over 100 times faster when I want to use the net. The guy told me it was 6 megabytes, I think probably less, but what do I know?

I was paying $21.95 per month for my old service, dial-up, and now pay a couple of bucks less and get better service.  So I have been really giving the net a workout over the past two weeks or so.  Whereas before I could only wish that I could access some particular sites, now I do not get the message about the server timing out.

Anyway, it's working well.  Should have done it a long time ago, but we old conservative hate to stir ourselves to change.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Genealogical News

Wow, it published it before I even wrote anything except the title.

Of late I have not done much with out genealogy.  I have about 111,000 names in the file, dating back as far as 1100 AD.

My major complaint is that I do not have all the data I need for persons about my age, as most PAF's, gedcoms, etc., will shield that data until at least 70 years from date of birth have passed.  Well, I am 72, so I cannot get the more relevant data on my own generation.  The Census Bureau did release the 1940 materials (that's 2 years before I was born.) 

And I refuse to use Social Security data/records, as I feel myself that information should remain private.

The biggest hang-up has been my computer.  For some time I could not access the internet, as the speed my ISP was giving me was so low.  I am on dial-up so it was going to be slow anyway, but speeds of 4.8 kbps is way too slow. After having my son check my computer over and pronouncing it sound, I called my ISP and we worked out a routine that gives me 16 to 24 kbps consistently, with occasional flubs, to as high as 38 kbps, which seems like lightning speed after only getting 10 or 12 kbps.

I have learned a trick.  If I don't like the speed it gives me, I log out and log right back in, sometimes as many as three or four times until it gives me 30+.  Or just postpone what I planned to do.  I keep a stack of papers to enter data from for such occasions.  Then when I do get a good connection, I go to Rootsweb and download additional data to use during the next downtime.

I have generally found that I can log into Rootsweb and then get just about all the information I need for one or another of it's subsets.

The other project I am working on is to have an ongoing list, by alpha, of all family names we have in the file.  I have to do this manually as there is no automatic function that I can find to do it for me in the PAF which I use.  I have it complete for the first 104,ooo persons, and am working to get it current again.  I go through it every four or five months to update it.

YEE-HAW, Let's do it again!!!

Naw.  We can't.  'Cause we just died from stupidity!

The news just came across that someone died while paragliding - hang-gliding?  Whatever!!

Yesterday the news was that someone died while riding an ATV  -  at five o'clock in the morning.  After doing it all night.  On a foggy Kentucky hilltop road (it was well paved and double striped, by the way), but you can;t stop stupid.

You are not invincible.  Take a good look at what you do.

Do you run red lights?  Talk on the 'phone while driving?  Even worse, text while driving?  Drink before or while driving?  Try to eat, drink coffee, smoke, read the paper, etc while driving?  Classic stupidity.

Humans are given free will, and cannot handle it.  Not only can they not handle it from a spiritual standpoint, they can't even handle it in day to day living.

I know, when I was younger, I did stupid things, too.  But, it only takes a few such occurrences to make anyone with any common sense stop such activity.  Common sense?  We used to call it horse sense.  And I got plenty of that.  I've been called the north end of a horse travelling south enough times to know for certain that I have lots of horse sense.

The gal on the news just said that you should always stop ten feet from a stopped school bus.  Where did she get that number?  Common sense tells you to stop at least a car length away.  But common sense tells you to stay at least one car length behind any vehicle in front of you for every ten miles per hour you are travelling, too.  Do we do that?  Very few do so.  And so, we have innumerable rear end collisions.  But does anyone learn from these accidents?  Emphatically no!

Stupidity is not the same thing as ignorance.  Ignorance I can live with.  Stupidity I can't abide.  Ignorance can be abated with education and training.  Stupidity can't.

So, the next time you scrape through a situation that you maybe should not have, stop and think.  Were you guilty of being stupid again?

Lesson's over.  Get back on your Harley, or your ATV or your hang glider or start texting again.  The only one you have to blame is yourself.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

C-SPAN Follies

Today I spent a lot of time watching C-Span1, 2 and 3.  If I had to recount all the stupidity I saw and heard I think I'd throw up.

The House spends two or three hours on a bill regarding the proposal by Mutt that they give him 3.7 billion for the border/child problem.  No resolution, no vote, no common sense from any participant.  Same with the Senate.  And I discover that, true to Washington, they can't pass up adding items to what should be a clean bill.  This one carries millions for fire suppression in the West, millions+  for the Israeli Iron Dome , and then whatever is left for the border/child situation.  But the money for the border/child situation doesn't even speak to the border, it is all about babysitting services once the kids get here.

You know, I may not have a lot of smarts, but even I know that if you cut the head off a snake it can no longer bite you.  But do our bleeding heart senators and representatives even think of that?  No, they're too busy campaigning for re-election already, and spit out the same old bullshit we have heard for the past six months, each one with their own little claim staked out and, by golly, don't you dare question my motives.

And then they talked about federal highway funds.  And they talked, and they talked.  I got so sick of seeing Nicky Joe standing there blustering, and saying nothing, I finally turned it off.  Then I find that the former second in command of the Palestinian whatever was speaking, and again, blah, blah blah.

I gave up and went outside and read on  a book.

Sounds like a good idea now.


So, we all make mistakes.  In my last post I stated that the GDP had dropped for the past six months.  That was wrong.

Fact - the GDP fell , not only fell but went negative, in the first quarter of 2014.  But came back positive in the second quarter according to figures posted yesterday by the government.

The negative percent in the first quarter was 3.9% when first announced.  I never saw or heard of any adjustment but yesterday the government posted it as 2.1%.  The second quarter was +3.9%, again according tho the government.

But who can believe those people?  For a period of about 19 months running, the government touted the number of new unemployment filings, and consistently, a week or two later, revised them downward, usually by rather startling amounts. 

And the actual unemployment rate they shout about?  That is a totally fictitious number.  They calculate it by calling about 1100 people and asking them if they are working, and if not,  if they have looked for work within the past four weeks (or months, I can't recall right now.)  How's that for an accurate number?

I simply do not have any faith in any numbers the federal government throws out, maybe 30%  to 40% of what the state pitches, and not much better for local government.

Again, oops, sorry, I don't often make 'em but when I do, I 'fess up. Can you say your government ever does that?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Checking In

America will survive.  And prosper.  And re-establish itself as the premier nation of the world.

And the people of America, and the world, will again have confidence in America's leadership.

If and whenever the American people wake up and decide that they have had enough of this (insert your own descriptive term) that they voted in six years ago.

I decided about a year ago to cease cursing.  I am having a terrible time holding to that vow.  Even as a cock-eyed optimist. But, nevertheless, I am confident that change is in the air.  Not hope and change, just change.  The good change.

But the way is going to be hard when:        we have the Minority Leader of the House say, and  say again,    that HAMAS is a humanitarian group;  when:  There appears to be no difference whatever, other than party label, between the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader of the Senate, as neither is willing to move any kind of sensible legislation through the Senate;  when:     the Speaker of the House is unwilling to even listen to requests to pursue impeachment of the Mutt we have in the White House - or any other appointed Washington official;      when:      The US president does not object to Russia devouring Crimea and (insert your own area of the world);  when:    the Press in the US continually tout the great RECOVERY in the US economy, when as a matter of fact, the GDP has fallen for the past six months;  when;   by all reasonable standards, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, the US president and Congress feel it is correct to take off on an undeserved vacaction for three to six weeks .

I could go on, but what is the use, those who care agree with me and just nod their heads and those who disagree aren't intelligent enough to understand.